Skilled worker Stream

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) invites skilled foreign workers, recent graduates, business persons and their families to apply under this stream.

MPNP for Skilled Workers is locally driven and based on the needs of Manitoba employers.

There are two streams for Skilled Workers:

  • Skilled workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled workers overseas

Skilled workers in Manitoba

  • The Skilled Workers stream is locally driven and based on the needs of Manitoba employers.
  • Applications are accepted from temporary foreign workers and international student graduates who are presently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent, full-time job with their Manitoba employer.

Skilled Workers Overseas

Applicants are nominated based upon an established connection to Manitoba through:

  • Support of family members or friends.
  • Previous work experience or education in the province.
  • Invitation received from MPNP as part of a strategic recruitment initiative.

Business Investor Stream

Qualified business investors and entrepreneurs having the intent and ability to start or buy existing businesses in Manitoba are invited. They will be given temporary work permit for a period of first 24 months.

Applicable Stream

  • Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Farm Investor Pathway

Entrepreneur Pathway

Entrepreneur stream calls applicants who want to open a business in Manitoba.


  • Minimum three years full time work experience in the past five years as an active business owner or has
    worked in senior management level.
  • Minimum business ownership of applicants must be at least 33%.
  • Language proficiency – Minimum CLB/NCLC 5
  • Minimum education Canadian high school or its equivalent.
  • Age – No minimum or maximum age. However, applicants from 25 to 49 years is allotted extra points.
  • Minimum investment of $250,000 for businesses located in the Manitoba and investment of $150,000 if
    business located outside Manitoba Capital Region.
  • Business to be started in Manitoba must have at least 1 job position reserved for Canadian Citizen or PR
    in Manitoba (must not be owners of the business or any close relative).
  • Business research visit by applicants is required for extensive research purposes on their future
    investments here.
  • Applicant must visit not earlier than 1 year before submission of EOI.

Adaptability points are awarded if

  • Applicant’s spouse shows score of CLB/NCLC 5 or higher.
  • Both applicant & spouse show score of CLB/NCLC 5 or higher in second official language.
  • Close relative currently resides in Manitoba for more than 1 year.
  • Applicant’s children are already studying on a full-time basis for at least 6 months in an
    accredited Manitoba educational institution before submitting EOI.
  • Either applicant & spouse or common-law partner has completed a full-time study in post-
    secondary institution in Manitoba for at least 1 year. Or they have completed at least 6 months
    continuous full time employment in Manitoba. A work experience letter from the employer is to
    be provided in this case.
  • Minimum net worth is $500,000.

Farm Investor Pathway

Farm investor stream calls applicants who want to establish and operate a farm in Manitoba.


  • Minimum farm business experience of 3 years as farm owner.
  • A farm business plan that suits primary agriculture production and is economically viable.
  • Language proficiency in either of Canada’s two languages.
  • Minimum investment of $300,000.
  • Farm business research visit in Manitoba.
  • Must stay in Manitoba to participate in the management of farm business.
  • Minimum net worth of $500,000.
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